Below you'll find the schedule of the Smashing Conference Freiburg. And we do have some surprises for you—but they are not included in the schedule, of course. Stay updated.

Monday, 14th | Tuesday, 15th

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Modular design at work

As many of us move away from designing pages toward designing systems, one concept keeps coming up: modularity. The benefits of a modular approach are well covered, but what about the risks and the logistics of implementing it?

Modularity might appear to be a simple concept at first, but making it work for your team requires significant effort and commitment. In this session Alla will look at how modular design affects both our teams and our users, as well as the products we create. She’ll share some of the challenges her team’s gone through while transitioning their design process toward modularity, and the lessons they’ve learned on the way.

10:45 Morning Break

Getting touchy: An Introduction To Touch and Pointer Events

Beyond smartphones and tablets, touch screens are finding their way into laptops and even desktop computers. With hardware support for touch becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it's time to explore what new possibilities are available to developers.

This session will cover the basics of handling touch in JavaScript — from making sure simple single-tap interactions are as responsive as possible, all the way to examples of full multitouch, gesture-enabled elements, with a particular focus on common pitfalls and browser inconsistencies.


The Emerging Global Web

The web was first conceived 25 years ago, by an Englishman. Fifteen years later, as the first crop of dot.coms were going bust, close to 60% of its users (and all Alexa "top 20" sites) came from developed nations. Fast forward to today, and the picture is strikingly different. Almost half the Alexa "top 20" now comes from emerging economies. Economies where close to 3 billion people have yet to use the web, but thanks to mobile, won't have to wait much longer to discover it.

This presentation will introduce you to fascinating and innovative services that are re-shaping the web to serve the consumers of tomorrow. Driven by mobile, the power of personal relationships, and the breakneck pace of globalisation, these services provide a glimpse into the business models, opportunities and challenges we will face, when growing a truly global web.

12:35 Lunch Break
14:00 TBA

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15:30 Afternoon Break

Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques in eCommerce

In this talk, Christian will be sharing practical insights into conversion rates optimization in eCommerce projects. You'll walk out with a bag full of actionable insights that you can apply to your projects right away to generate more revenue from every user visit.


Paper Prototyping Applications

Designing for the web is not like designing for paper. For one thing, paper-based designs tend to stay the same shape and size. Also the content doesn't obstinately change on you. In fact, very little learned in print design is applicable to the web.

Paradoxically, one of the best ways to embrace the dynamic, interactive nature of web applications is to start working with paper again. Paper not for printing or sketching, but for building functional, interactive prototypes; prototypes that do away with distracting high fidelity and embrace the messy process of creating fun user experiences.

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