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Tuesday, 28th | Wednesday, 29th

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Which would you rather have: a rich design or a fast user experience? Users want both, but sometimes the interplay between design and performance feels like a fixed sum game: one side's gain is the other side's loss. Design and performance are indeed connected, but it's more like the yin and yang. They aren't opposing forces, but instead complement each other. Users want an experience that is rich and fast. The trick for designers and developers is figuring out how to do that.

The answer is to adopt an approach that considers both design and performance from the outset. With this approach, designs are conceived by teams of designers and developers working together. Developers benefit by participating in the product definition process. Designers benefit from understanding more about how designs are implemented. There's an emphasis on early prototyping and tracking performance from the get go.

With new metrics that focus on what a user actually sees as the page loads, we can now bridge the technical and language gaps that have hindered the seamless creation of great user experiences. In this presentation, Steve Souders, former Chief Performance Yahoo! and Google Head Performance Engineer, explains how promoting a process that brings design and performance together at the beginning of a project helps deliver a web experience that is both fast and rich.


Guerrilla Design Tactics

It takes a village to design a responsive design system, so how to you convince the village that they need to? Facilitating change, making innovative happen, and fostering a design culture can be hard in an organization—especially when you are not in a position of authority. As an organization becomes comfortable with standard ways of operating and resistant to necessary change, you can find yourself in the tough position of implementing things you know are wrong. Get out from under this typical design dilemma. Samantha will show you how to use your design thinking as an asset to win battles where you are the underdog. You’ll learn persuasive techniques that can help you get everyone on board with design that achieves your organization’s goals, and of which you can be proud.

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The Future Of The Web: And How To Prepare For It Now

“We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.”

– Scott Cook, founder of Intuit

Do you remember your first moment on the web?

The internet, as we know it, is less than 8,500 days old. Yet in that time it has revolutionized the way the world lives, works and plays. What do the next 8,500 days have in store?

Peter Smart, global director of user experience at Fantasy Interactive, will offer insights into some of the most astonishing developments at the frontiers of our industry. Together, we’ll explore how breakthroughs at the edge of technology, science and design will transform the way the web affects our daily lives – from invisible interfaces, touchable websites and adaptive ecosystems.

Drawing on leading research, experiments and developments across our industry, join us on a tour of the next 8,500 days on the web – and how we can prepare for them today.


Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS

CSS can be used to style and animate scalable vector graphics, much like it is used to style and animate HTML elements. In this talk, Sara will cover the prerequisites and techniques for working with CSS in SVG.

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The UX of offline-first

Chrome has shipped ServiceWorker, Firefox is hot on the trail. This opens the door to a slew of previously native-only features. Currently we have network management - the ability to treat the network as an enhancement, soon we'll see push messaging and background sync. The technology is one thing, but how can we use these things to improve user experience?

Native apps haven't quite figured this out. Let's beat them to it.

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