Designing Exceptional Mobile Experiences


Full-day workshop • June 16th
Call it the mobile majority: a growing number of companies now see most web visits come from mobile devices. That means the mobile experience is no longer a sideshow; it's the main event, with desktop in the supporting role. Does your design practice reflect that? "Designing for Touch" author Josh Clark takes you on an exploration of the techniques and design thinking you need to make your mobile experiences soar.

This full day takes a hands-on approach to mobile design with practical guidelines, rich examples, exercises, and an updated set of guidelines that challenge conventional wisdom. The day starts with the fundamentals—how handheld ergonomics create a new set of design guidelines—and then explores the emerging UX practices that will put your mobile projects at the cutting edge.

What you'll learn in this workshop:

  • How to design for the ergonomics of both small phones and jumbo phablets
  • The tested design process for creating mobile-first, browser-first responsive sites
  • Why touch changes user expectations and requires entirely new interactions
  • The secrets of social buttons that actually work
  • How to keep people reading and reading and reading on your mobile site
  • The path to lean, effective mobile forms
  • The possibilities and pitfalls of gestures on the web
  • The new opportunities for sensor-based interfaces that push the interface off the screen entirely
  • How mobile websites can play a crucial role in the emerging internet of things

What hardware/software do you need?

No technology required though a laptop might be helpful at times. This is a workshop for people of all skill levels. Pencils, markers and paper will be supplied.


Microsoft Technology Center
11 Times Square, 7th Floor
(Between 41st & 42nd Streets on 8th Ave.)
New York, NY, 10036
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Schedule for Thursday, June 16th

8:30 – Doors open, Registration
9:00 – Introduction & Kick-off
11:00 – Coffee Break
12:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Afternoon Session
3:00 – Coffee Break
5:00 – The End, Networking

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Workshop includes
  • Snacks and drinks during the whole day
  • Tea and coffee
  • Lunch
  • Paper and pen/pencil

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