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Update (Thursday, October 18): It’s almost showtime! We can’t wait to welcome you to the fifth edition of SmashingConf New York! The conference is nearly sold-out and we only have a few seats left!

To the tickets ↬

SmashingConf is a friendly, inclusive event which is focused on real-world problems and solutions. No fluff, no fillers, no multi-track experience. Instead, single track, two days, approachable speakers and live interactive sessions with focus on real work and real pain points.

Need to convince your manager? Our “Convince Your Boss” PDF (0.6MB) will help you get the green light.

We’ve also prepared a SmashingConf Attendee Handbook on Dropbox Paper that contains sightseeing tips, recommendations for traveling and accommodation, an overview of networking opportunities, conference tips, and some useful information about the city and the crew.

What's Smashing Conference Like?

SmashingConf is a friendly, inclusive event which is focused on real-world problems and solutions. 2 days, 1 track, 14 speakers, 300400 attendees and a bunch of hands-on workshops.

Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live.

SmashingConf is focused on front-end and UX, but it covers everything web, be it interface design or machine learning. That means a packed bundle of diverse, actionable insights for your work.

What's the atmosphere like? Well, take a look at the conference showreel, videos from previous events, and photos.

Not Convinced Yet? ↓
Registration at SmashingConf SmashingConf Cody look-alike attendee SmashingConf attendees cheering SmashingConf attendee on the Smashing couch SmashingConf attendees with the chocolate fountain Una Kravets in Lego land I heart this Lego SmashingConf attendees using an iMac

Conference photos by our good friend Marc Thiele.

Convince your boss (PDF)
“8 reasons why you should send your incredibly hard-working, deserving employee to the SmashingConf” (Download the PDF). Quite self-explanatory, really.
Download the PDF ↓

Is SmashingConf Really Special?

It's up to you to decide. But we're putting our heart and soul into crafting personal, inclusive and valuable events for all of us to become better professionals. No fluff, no fillers, no multi-track experience and no large hotel halls. Instead, thoroughly curated speakers, sessions and hands-on workshops in a friendly, inspiring and exciting setting.

Here's what you can expect:

  • 2 days, 1 track, 300500 attendees,
  • Focus on real work & pain points,
  • Practical, actionable insights,
  • Live designing and coding sessions,
  • Hands-on workshops,
  • Approachable speakers,
  • Collaborative note-taking,
  • Job & hiring opportunities,
  • Diverse and safe space,
  • Inclusive and fully accessible space,
  • Challenges and hackathons,
  • Lightning talks by attendees,
  • Truly smashing time with people who care about their craft.

We're honored to provide diversity scholarship and discounts for repeat attendees, large groups (5+ attendees) and students. Interested? Just email Amanda and we'll sort it out! By purchasing a ticket, you also support Smashing diversity and community scholarships.

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