Smashing Conference


Below you will find the schedule of the Smashing Conference taking place on 17th and 18th of September. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Stay updated.

Monday, 17th | Tuesday, 18th

09:00 Doors open // Registration

The Spirit Of The Web

With the explosion of Web-enabled devices of all shapes and sizes, the practice of Web design and development seems more complex than ever. But if we can learn to see below this overwhelming surface to the underlying Web beneath, we can learn to make sites not for specific devices but for the people using them. This talk will demonstrate how tried and tested principles like progressive enhancement are more important than ever. By embracing the spirit of the Web, you can ensure that your websites are backwards-compatible and future-friendly.

10:45 Break

The Future of Content Management

The use of modern markup in HTML5 and modern techniques of Responsive Design bringS new challenges when developing or deploying a content management system. In this session, we will look at what the future of content management might look like, and how we can use our existing systems to create structured content, and support a responsive approach to design today.

11:45 Break

Style guides are the new Photoshop

Use of image editors for creating web design mockups has worked until now, but responsive design is forcing us to find alternatives, as we can't simply create more mockups as we design for more screens. Have no fear, there is at least one method of replacing Photoshop for web design. Let's take a look at one of the most important aspects of this method: the creation of clear, semi-automated, self-updating style guides.

12:45 Lunch Break

Is Time Standing Still?

Apple's hardware looks like it was designed by Dieter Rams. Microsoft shapes an entire operating system based on the Swiss classic grid design school. Instagram tries hard to make everything look like it happened in the seventies. Nostalgia doesn't just dominate the digital realm, it dominates art and design as a whole. Whether we are looking at literature, music, painting, fashion, movies—in the last twenty years we haven't seen the birth of a truly new "style" in any of those domains. The only tangible progress we have made is that we have become better and better simulating old styles. New is dead. Old is new. Modern is classic. Digital is analogue. What is going on?

14:45 Break

OOCSS and Preprocessors in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Many developers believe they need to choose between OOCSS and CSS preprocessors like SASS/Compass and LESS. Nicole believes that the best sites pair the strengths of both approaches, pulling the architecture from OOCSS and the language additions from SASS. She will share with you some of her war stories, including everything she screwed up when switching to using preprocessors and how she finally found a balanced approach to developing large sites using preprocessors.

15:45 Break

Better Websites, Happier Clients and Improved Job Satisfaction

As Web designers we love to boast about our user-centric approach to Web design, but what about our clients? Most Web designers resent clients, seeing them as a barrier to producing great websites. However, a website doesn't just need to meet users needs; it also must meet the needs of your clients. Web design is not just about building websites. It's about providing a service to our clients. In this talk, Paul looks at how to establish a collaborative relationship with your clients that produces websites far better than you could build in isolation.

16:45 Break

Application Cache: Douchebag

The Application Cache is one of the cool bits of HTML5, allowing sites to work without a network connection brings us much closer to native app-like behaviour. However, from HTML5 roundup articles and talks you may be left with the impression that it's a magic-bullet fix, unfortunately it isn't, the Application Cache is a douchebag.

I don't mean 'incompetent' or simply 'difficult', he's just a 'douchebag'. The Application Cache has skills we need, but if you asked him to paint your bathroom he'd somehow manage to flood your kitchen and break your TV in the process, and he wouldn't care.

We'll look at how to use the features of Application Cache without the horrible side effects, comparing techniques you'd use for a simple clientside app and a large content-driven site. We'll explore the many gotchas left out of most AppCache articles and how you can build your site to survive them.

17:45 Break – See you in the evening session!

Where there's muck, there's brass

When was the last time you looked at a user interface and noticed it? Was it shiny? Beveled edges and drop shadows? Faux leather and grey satin? Or did you skip over all of that and just get on with that you were doing?

The quest for the perfect aesthetic in user interface design is hotting up. New technologies give us faster machines, more crisp display resolutions - all capable of showing every user interface blemish. You see, perfection can be a problem.

This talk will celebrate happy accidents, revel in grime and explore how we can make our user interfaces feel more human: warts and all.

20:30 Party Time!

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