Smashing Conference


Below you will find the schedule of the Smashing Conference taking place on 17th and 18th of September. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Stay updated.

Monday, 17th | Tuesday, 18th

09:30 Doors open // Registration
10:00 Guess who is speaking here… ;)
10:45 Break

/Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions

Quick, what does this do: /(\/*?\/)|\/\/.*?(\r?\n|$)/g? If you’re like many developers, you just averted your eyes, and your heart is now in your throat. Symptoms included sweaty palms and recurring nightmares with blood-thirsty ASCII symbols. But don’t worry, this condition doesn’t have to be chronic. A cure is right around the corner.

As with many developers, you’re familiar with the power of regular expressions, but anything beyond the basics scares the crap out of you. Fear no more young padawan! In this talk, we’ll start with the basics and progressively enhance your knowledge until you’re coding regular expressions like a champ. Everything will be demonstrated live with visual examples that ensure maximum comprehension.

11:45 Break

Responsive is as responsive does

The talk is an attempt to deprogram our approach to Web design for the last 15 years by taking a look at the history of graphic design (type, grids, etc) and how it has shaped our thinking (positively & negatively). The presentation discusses new approaches to designing responsively and what we can learn from the past.

12:45 Lunch Break

Web Fonts Backstage and On Stage

The “big bang” of Web fonts in 2010 — when browsers started supporting downloadable fonts — started a revolution in Web typography. Being able to choose from a wide variety of fonts has given us new forms of expression and almost closed the gap to the printed world. Now that there are no major technical challenges any more and Web fonts are easy to “get to work”, it is time to raise the bar: how can we make them look great? How do type design and rendering technology interact? What do Web fonts look like inside? How do foundries optimize their fonts? What can the font user contribute to make the final result look as good as it possibly gets?

14:45 Break

Your CSS is a Mess

CSS is easy. You take some selectors, add some properties, maybe a dash of media queries and presto, you have a beautiful site. And yet, as projects change and as teams grow, we begin to see the frustration build with increasingly complex selectors and overuse of !important. This session will look at common problems and solutions that will make your CSS (and your projects) easier to manage and easier to scale.

15:45 Break

Beyond Media Queries: An Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Experience

Media queries may be responsive design's secret sauce, but we know there's a whole lot more that goes into crafting amazing adaptive experiences. By dissecting an example of a mobile-first responsive design, we'll uncover the principles of adaptive design and highlight some considerations for creating contextually-aware Web experiences. We'll go over emerging mobile Web best practices and responsive patterns that can assist in our journey toward a future-friendly Web.

16:45 Break

The Real Me

While some companies use their brand as an opaque facade to hide their questionable practices, others are opening up to their audience and sharing their true personality. The result is a more honest relationship with customers.

17:45 Break – See you in the evening session!

To Be Announced

We live in an incredible fast paced time of web innovation. Almost weekly the working groups, browser vendors and software companies come out with new products and standard proposals and as web developers we get excited and want to use them all, right now! In this talk Chris Heilmann of Mozilla will look at some of the new ideas, proposals and experiments and shows how using them now is necessary but can also lead to annoyance in the near future. It is up to us to be future friendly but it shouldn't happen at the cost of our end users, developers who follow us or by blocking people out. Innovating also means learning from mistakes of the past, and right now we go down a few well traveled dangerous routes. So bring your safety goggles and let's experiment without losing an eye in the process.

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