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Jonathan Snook


Jonathan Snook writes about tips, tricks and bookmarks on his blog. He has also written for A List Apart, 24ways, and .net magazine, and he has coauthored two books, The Art and Science of CSS and Accelerated DOM Scripting. Most recently, Snook has written the eBook SMACSS, sharing his experience and best practices on CSS architecture. Jonathan also works on the design team at Shopify.

Your CSS is a Mess

Tuesday, 18th – 15:00

CSS is easy. You take some selectors, add some properties, maybe a dash of media queries and presto, you have a beautiful site. And yet, as projects change and as teams grow, we begin to see the frustration build with increasingly complex selectors and overuse of !important. This session will look at common problems and solutions that will make your CSS (and your projects) easier to manage and easier to scale.

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