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Stephen Hay


Stephen has been designing and developing for the Web since 1995. He currently helps clients with front-end design and development, multi-platform strategy and accessibility through his consultancy, Zero Interface. Aside from his client work, he can be found speaking at industry events about Web design-related topics such as CSS layout and responsive design workflow.

Stephen is co-organizer of Mobilism, one of the world’s leading mobile Web development conferences. He is also co-creator of Grip Workshops, a series of two-day intensive workshops for Web project managers on the client side.

Stephen has written for publications including A List Apart and .net Magazine. He also coauthored the Smashing Book 3 with a host of super-talented folks. When he makes the time for it, he publishes his thoughts on The Haystack.

Style guides are the new Photoshop

Monday, 17th – 12:00

Use of image editors for creating web design mockups has worked until now, but responsive design is forcing us to find alternatives, as we can't simply create more mockups as we design for more screens. Have no fear, there is at least one method of replacing Photoshop for web design. Let's take a look at one of the most important aspects of this method: the creation of clear, semi-automated, self-updating style guides.

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