Smashing Conference

Tim Ahrens


Tim Ahrens is a type designer based in Berlin, where he runs Just Another Foundry with Shoko Mugikura. As a former architect, he is interested in the interplay between technology and design. He develops design software such as the Font Remix Tools and Web applications such as the FontFonter. Since 2010, he has been working as a consultant for Typekit.

Web Fonts Backstage and On Stage

Tuesday, 18th – 14:00

The “big bang” of Web fonts in 2010 — when browsers started supporting downloadable fonts — started a revolution in Web typography. Being able to choose from a wide variety of fonts has given us new forms of expression and almost closed the gap to the printed world. Now that there are no major technical challenges any more and Web fonts are easy to “get to work”, it is time to raise the bar: how can we make them look great? How do type design and rendering technology interact? What do Web fonts look like inside? How do foundries optimize their fonts? What can the font user contribute to make the final result look as good as it possibly gets?

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