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Below you will find the schedule of the Smashing Conference taking place on 9th and 10th of September. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Stay updated.

Monday, 17th | Tuesday, 18th

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Where are we now, and from where have we come?

Flash turned the web from a bland mess into a rich, interactive playground. Web Standards brought the web a much-needed sense of unity, clarity, and accessibility. Web fonts gave the web print-level typographic control. Responsive Web Design returned the web to its roots as an inherently fluid medium. All of these revolutions in design and development, and all in such a short period of time!

Elliot has not had an online portfolio in over five years. In assembling a new portfolio for September 2013 and attempting to collate over ten years' worth of work, he's accidentally documented the evolution of the web design industry: its highs, its lows... even its pixel fonts.

In this deeply personal talk, Elliot uses the process of creating his new portfolio — and highlighting the ground-breaking work of other designers and developers — to examine where we are now and from where we have come. And perhaps most importantly: where next?


Responsive Web Design is Hard/Easy! Be Afraid/Don't Worry!

Things sure have changed! In a multi-device world where waterfall methodologies and full page comps don’t cut it anymore, how are we expected to know how to build modern, responsive websites when everything we seems to be wrong? Fear not: Dan Mall will share a few stories about how to make sense of it all, get clients to trust you more than ever, whip Photoshop back into the right tool for the job, and get back into the groove of owning the internets.

10:50 Break

Deliberate Performance

No one wants to create a slow site. Yet that's exactly what happens. Not only do fat sites exist, they're actually becoming more and more common. It would be one thing if performance was merely another feature, but the reality is that performance is a fundamental component of the user experience. As Steve Jobs once pointed out, design is not merely about how something looks but also how something works.

If we want to start providing people with the fast experiences they so desperately want, performance needs to be engrained throughout the entire process.


The Most Important Part Of Your Job

As designers, we pride ourselves on being great communicators. We go to extreme lengths to communicate with users in a language they understand, enabling them to engage with our messages and feel like they’re part of a story we built just for them. We take great satisfaction from putting ourselves in the shoes of the user, and yet we fail to do the same with those we talk to everyday.

Communicating with people around us is the most important aspect of our profession. Being able to sell our work, justify our decisions and convey the feeling of trust and respect any designer should enjoy, is key for every one of us.

In this talk, I will share some stories of how communication can affect our jobs. Some are happy stories, some are not, but all of them have one question in common: how can we apply our creative skills to effectively communicate with people?

12:55 Break

Why We Do What We Do

Motivation — it isn't just a question of what gets us out of bed each morning, makes us work harder on some days than others, helps us quit our jobs or rewrite our lives so we may follow our hearts; from money to passion, our motives influence how and why we solve problems, the morals we apply to our work and our personal lives, and every decision — large or small — we make along the way.

Dan explores how we each approach this question of what drives us and how it affects our lives and our work, through anecdotes from friends, colleagues, historical figures, and personal experience, reminding us of the importance of challenging our motives, and ourselves, to get the best out of life.


Real-Life Responsive Web Design

More and more organizations are adopting Responsive design in their approach to delivering cross-platform Web products. The fragmentation of devices across mobile, tablet, desktop and more, really only leaves us with one option! What can we learn from those that have done this in real life? Which approaches have worked? Which have failed disastrously? Which have needed tweaking? And which will need future tweaking as new browser technology becomes mainstream?

This talk will focus on responsive front-end development, covering performance tips, the importance of maintainable code, responsible use of web fonts, emerging tooling, and other lessons from Andy's work as front-end architect at the Guardian.

15:40 Break

It’s a Write/Read (Mobile) Web

On the surface, content is king online. But digging deeper into the underbelly of the web reveals a complex ecosystem of communication and contribution that shapes the web and how we interact with it. What lessons can we learn from the web’s inner workings as we move to a mobile-driven, multi-device internet? Luke will not only lift the covers on where we need to focus our efforts but share lots of practical advice on how as well.


Your Browser Is Talking Behind Your Back

Do you know when your browser makes HTTP requests? Do you? Do you really? Really do you?

In this interactive talk we'll look at some really simple snippets of HTML and JavaScript, and you have to decide if they cause an HTTP request or not. Sounds simple, but if you're a bad loser, this quiz will hurt your feelings. We'll explore some dark corners of various specifications and when & why some browsers decide to go their own way.


"Indie Game: The Movie", In Conversation

In this evening session, Lisanne and James, the creative minds behind the Kickstarter-funded “Indie Game: The Movie”, share insights into the production process of the movie as well as lessons they’ve learned along the way. With over 300 hours of footage, the movie was entirely directed, produced, shot and edited by them alone. “Indie Game: The Movie” won the World Cinema Documentary Editing Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

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