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Addy Osmani


Addy is on the Chrome team at Google, working on tools to help improve developer productivity and satisfaction. His personal projects include TodoMVC, which helps developers compare JavaScript MVC frameworks and AuraJS. He has also written 'Developing Backbone.js Applications' and 'Learning JavaScript Design Patterns'.

Gone in 60 Frames Per Second

Tuesday, 10th – 12:10

What’s stopping your web pages from getting silky smooth scrolling, buttery animation and a user experience that’s snappy and fast? Jank-free rendering performance has been shown to positively affect user engagement and experience in many large sites, but remains an area many are unaware of how to diagnose or optimize.

To highlight how widespread rendering is a performance bottleneck, we're going to walk through a detailed case study of Learn about common paint issues in modern sites and equally as importantly — how to diagnose them. We'll also look at changes Pinterest made to get up to a 40% improvement in rendering times.

By the end if this session you'll be equipped with the knowledge to see a number of performance diagnosis features in Chrome DevTools to find and fix rendering issues in your own sites.

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