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Andy Hume


Andy builds websites and Web applications. He currently works in the software architecture team at the Guardian. Formerly at Clearleft, Microsoft and Multimap where he has worked on projects for the BBC, Mozilla, Gumtree, Channel 4. Sometimes he writes articles for .net Magazine, and Computer Arts Projects, and speaks at conferences like South By Southwest, Responsive Day Out, and Edge.

Real-Life Responsive Web Design

Monday, 9th – 14:55

More and more organizations are adopting Responsive design in their approach to delivering cross-platform Web products. The fragmentation of devices across mobile, tablet, desktop and more, really only leaves us with one option! What can we learn from those that have done this in real life? Which approaches have worked? Which have failed disastrously? Which have needed tweaking? And which will need future tweaking as new browser technology becomes mainstream?

This talk will focus on responsive front-end development, covering performance tips, the importance of maintainable code, responsible use of web fonts, emerging tooling, and other lessons from Andy's work as front-end architect at the Guardian.

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