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Jake Archibald


Jake works in Google Chrome’s developer relations team, working on specs, testing implementations, and ensuring developers have tools to make their jobs less painful. He’s a big fan of time-to-render
optimisations, progressive enhancement, and all of that responsive stuff.

Prior to Google, Jake worked at Lanyrd on their mobile website, and for the BBC working on JavaScript libraries and standards. Outside of the web, he likes the taste of beer, watches Formula One, and likes taking photos of things. He has ambitions to be a fashion designer.

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Your Browser Is Talking Behind Your Back

Monday, 9th – 17:15

Do you know when your browser makes HTTP requests? Do you? Do you really? Really do you?

In this interactive talk we'll look at some really simple snippets of HTML and JavaScript, and you have to decide if they cause an HTTP request or not. Sounds simple, but if you're a bad loser, this quiz will hurt your feelings. We'll explore some dark corners of various specifications and when & why some browsers decide to go their own way.

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