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Nishant Kothary


Nishant Kothary is the co-founder of Minky, a design and technology company based in Seattle, WA. After cutting his teeth as a Program Manager at on projects like Instant Video & the original Kindle, Nishant honed his multidisciplinary skills at Microsoft as a Web Strategist.

His writings and work have been featured in Smashing Magazine, UXMag, MIX Online, The Techblock, Drawar, and several other sites and publications, and his favorite web work includes 10K Apart, Lost World's Fairs, The New, MIX Online, A Website Named Desire, and Build. Follow @rainypixels at your own risk on Twitter and Instagram for a live, unedited serving of Nishant and his instapopular Weimaraner, Yoshi.

The Design of People

Tuesday, 10th – 16:25

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Mobile First, Content Strategy – yes, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies, design patterns, and trends, but these alone can far from guarantee your success.

The process of designing and building software exposes our humanness and diverse portfolio of imperfections. It is your ability, or lack thereof, to understand and work with other people — your project team, stakeholders, and users — that often determines the success of your work, as well as how you feel along the way. And chances are, it is the skill that you spend the least amount of time working on — it's the "soft skill" that's really the hardest to learn.

In The Design of People, Nishant Kothary will take you through some of the most irksome dilemmas of our day, using case studies and research from the fields of behavioral economics, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. You'll laugh and you’ll cry, but you’ll leave with a more technical understanding of how to work with and influence other people: the key to your best work.

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