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Christine Vallaure

Christine Vallaure

Christine Vallaure is the founder of, a UX, UI Design, and Figma learning platform where design meets code.

With years of experience working for leading brands, agencies, and startups across Berlin, Mexico City, and London, she is now based in sunny Madrid.

Christine is passionate about sharing her expertise in web and app design, particularly in the areas where design and technology intersect.

In addition to creating video tutorials on moonlearning and YouTube, Christine also writes about design and code on her Medium blog, and Twitter, providing insights into the latest developments in the industry.

Christine Vallaure's Talk

Design Beyond Breakpoints

Wed 11th – 10:50

"If only designers and developers would understand each other better!" Design and development can be perfect together! Yes, designers and developers must understand each other's tools and engage in constructive dialogue, but modern tools make their life so much easier.

Lately, we have seen incredible advancements in CSS that have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach web design, and Figma — with all its recent updates — has made it much easier for designers to understand and design for all these new things possible.

In her talk, Christine will take you on a Figma tour where she shows you how you can use container queries, variables, and grid, and bring modern CSS to its full potential. So let's be perfect, together!

Christine will also give a workshop on Monday on Figma Deep Dive.