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Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri Is The Head Of Design At Opal Camera, The Makers Of The Opal C1, The First Professional Webcam. He lives in San Francisco and his past experiences include working for agencies like Huge, Elephant, B-Reel and Fantasy as well as in-house teams at Lonely Planet, Oculus and Microsoft to name a few, where he led the visual direction of Fluent Design, their current design language. Claudio has extensive experience working across all spectrums of product design, marketing and leading multidisciplinary teams.

Claudio cares deeply about interactive design, emotional experiences and helping others to achieve more through his work. Over the years his work has been awarded by the Emmy Awards (digital product design Nickelodeon App), the One Show Interactive, and the European Design Awards among others.

Claudio’s contribution to the design industry includes inspirational talks at events such as TEDx, UXWeek by Capital One, AIGA, OFFF events and Awwwards!

Claudio Guglieri's Talk

Trends To Live and Die For

Tue 10th – 16:30

Futurism, retro futurism, maximalism, brutalism, Neo Brutalism, skeuomorphism, Neumorphism, corporate Memphis, 3D shapes, type-heavy layouts, parallax galore, grid obsessed, pill shape buttons, mirror buttons, flat buttons, circles and quircles, websites that now look like Linear but before used looked like Stripe.

Designers live in a tornado of ever changing trends and design references. However trends come as fast as they go and can make your design decisions feel quickly dated and heavily influenced.

Join Claudio in this talk as he looks beyond design trends and focus on the trends that shape design. This is not a design talk, but it certainly is a talk for designers.