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Kat Zhou

Kat Zhou

Kat (she/her) is the creator of the <Design Ethically> project, which started out as a framework for applying ethics to the design process and has now grown into a toolkit of speculative activities that help teams forecast the consequences of their products. Through her work with <Design Ethically> , she has spoken at events hosted by the European Parliament (2022) and the US Federal Trade Commission (2021), as well as an assortment of tech conferences. Kat has been quoted in the BBC, WIRED, Fast Company, Protocol, and Tech Policy Press.

Outside of <Design Ethically>, Kat has worked as a designer in the industry for years. She lives in Stockholm with her adopted husky, where you can find them running around.

Kat Zhou's Talk

Design Ethically: From Imperative to Action

Wed 11th – 15:35

Every product has ethical implications, even if we don’t immediately think so. Thinking about these implications helps to make better products and prevent problems.

In her talk, Kat, creator of the <Design Ethically> project, dives into how she created an ethical design framework for product teams and the lessons she learned from piloting her methodology with teams at various companies and universities across the world.

How can we broaden the tech ethics movement to include individuals, companies, startups, and the entire industry?