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Dee Scarano

Dee Scarano

Dee Scarano consults and coaches startups and large corporations around the world in product strategy, innovation methods, and rapid validation of business ideas — across industries that range from agriculture in Brazil, to micro-credit in India, and manufacturing & logistics across the United States.

She’s a world leader in Design Sprint facilitation and has trained teams and lead innovation at organizations such as Google, Twitter, LEGO, Microsoft, Tetra Pak, Lufthansa, Verizon, and many more.

Dee has also coached at Google’s startup accelerator and is a trainer in AJ&Smart's Design Sprint Masterclass and Workshopper Master courses.

Dee Scarano's Talk

Facilitation Tools for Everyday Productivity

Wed 30th – 14:05

In this increasingly remote world, meaningful collaboration can feel more out of reach than ever. Everyone’s calendar is packed with meetings, but often no productive collaboration.

“Facilitation” doesn’t always mean a big, pre-planned workshop. Dee will share practical facilitation tools & techniques to give you low-prep, low-pressure ways for you and your team to sidestep the default productivity traps, gain clarity, and boost your design workflow.