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Jason Mesut

Jason Mesut

Jason Mesut helps people pursue positive futures. Navigating the uncertainties of their present. For the benefit of themselves, their organisations and broader society. He does this through executive coaching, community leadership, strategic consulting, and his signature ‘Shaping’ workshops.

Jason has spent over 20 years working within UX, Design, and Innovation consulting worlds for leading organisations. Mentoring, leading, and managing designers to do the work of their lives for the benefit of others.

He now runs his own coaching, design and innovation consultancy, Resonant. Works as a Design Partner at Group of Humans, a network of global creative leaders. Coaches through the Coaching with Chemistry network. And also co-hosts events for IxDA London.

Jason Mesut's Talk

Shape Your Future Self

Uncover your unique value and forge your own path

Jason will unveil the latest visual frameworks he has been developing and using over the past 19 years. Helping design teams, leaders and designers to reflect on their career, understand themselves better, define their unique profile and sharpen the focus of their future path.

Discover how these frameworks can help you gain a broader understanding of your capabilities as a designer, leader, and manager, and enhance team cohesion and strengthen individual identity within your organisation.