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Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is a Latinx designer. He is the co-founder and CEO at Bueno, Blush & Musho, and the creator of Humankind, and Robotos. Previously, lead designer at InVision, Udemy, and Lyft. He gives talks and workshops worldwide on product design, animation, illustration systems, storytelling, accessibility, behavioral economics, and the art of comics.

He has a channel called Sketch Together, where he shares design tutorials, live streams, critiques, and other random stuff. Is also producing a kids animated show with TIME Studios, and his open-source doodles include Open Peeps, Avataaars, Humaaans, Open Doodles, Bottts, and Buttsss.

Currently, Pablo is the designer and creator at Musho, an AI design tool transforming prompts into nearly-complete, dev-ready websites with simple layouts, great copy, and stunning images.

Pablo Stanley's Talk

Creating Beautiful, On-Brand, Inclusive Photography with AI

Join Pablo Stanley, CEO of Lummi and Musho, as he shares his expertise in generating not only great and beautiful images but also diverse and inclusive ones using AI. In this talk, Pablo will provide practical tips on how to structure prompts to create images that are on-brand, follow a specific style, look natural and realistic, and authentically represent diversity.

He'll be giving a workshop on Mastering UI Design.

Pablo Stanley's Talk

UI meets AI

Wed 30th – 16:30

Pablo does many things, from his illustration libraries to UI meets AI. We don't know what he will be talking about yet, but we assure you you'll be inspired and can't wait to start creating yourself.

He'll be giving a workshop on Mastering UI Design, the day after the conference.