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A lot of balloons at SmashingConf SF 2019.

We are sooo excited! We are looking forward to two days of talks, single track, two workshop days, and loads of side events.

For both the talks and the workshops, we have a good range of topics, varying from Figma to Web Performance and from SVG Animation to CSS Custom Properties. All talks have a few things in common: brought to you by amazing speakers and practical takeaways everywhere!

Your conference or bundle ticket also gives you access to all our side events, from a city walk to morning runs, and β€”Β of course β€”Β our famous Smashing Party! If you’re joining us online, you get backstage interviews, online fun and networking.

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Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work β€” their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live. Once we have most speakers confirmed we will be releasing the schedule.

β€” Vitaly, the one who loves ironing, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

Workshop Monday, 27th | Conference Tuesday, 28th | Conference Wednesday, 29th | Workshop Thursday, 30th

Monday, 27th – Workshops

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


On Monday, we’re running four hands-on workshops:

6:30 PM

Jam Session

The night before the conference kicks off, we're hosting warm-up event with drinks and talks from your fellow attendees. We hope you'll join us to connect ahead of the main event!

Tuesday, 28th – Conference

Wednesday, 29th – Conference

Thursday, 30th – Workshops

Our Global Partners

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Balsamiq

Our Austin 2020 Partners

  • Craft CMS
  • SpeedCurve