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Tuesday, 20th | Wednesday, 21st

08:00 Registration & Doors Open

And So The Mystery Begins...

Have you figured out yet who was the Mystery Speaker this year? ;-)


Game console browsers

With 19% of people in the UK accessing the internet using a game console, it’s time to look beyond desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. Browsing the internet on a game console presents us with new challenges, such as designing for the 10-foot UI, and building sites that could be interacted with using voice, gesture, a second-screen, or using a d-pad or a smart watch.

It may all sound a bit far-fetched, but considering how your site will be used by people using console browsers will not only benefit your current users, but also prepare you for the oncoming zombie-apocalypse of internet-enabled devices.

11:00 Morning Break

Enhancing Responsiveness with Flexbox

Flexbox and responsive web design go great together, like peanut butter and jelly. Flexbox gives you more control over the things you care about in a responsive layout—like order, alignment, and proportional sizes of your boxes—and lets the browser figure out the rest—the math-y stuff that computers are good at, like the exact dimensions that are needed on the boxes to perfectly fill the available space. You can create much more complex and reliable layouts with flexbox than you can with floats, table display, or inline-block, all with far less CSS.

In this talk, you’ll learn which features of flexbox are particularly suited to responsive layouts and how you can harness them today by applying flexbox as progressive enhancement. We’ll look at examples of responsive page components and patterns that you can enhance further by layering flexbox on top of other layout methods, ensuring all users get a good experience.


Graphic Design in the 21st Century: Is the Internet Killing Creativity?

Is the internet, for all its technology, best-practice guides, metrics and measurements making us better designers? Or is it killing creativity, homogenising ideas and undermining the notion of original thought? Join me as I explore how the practice of graphic design has changed since the information revolution.

13:20 Lunch Break

A Brief History of that Time you used Web Fonts

@font-face is an established staple in the diet of more than half of the web. 54% of the top 1000 websites use web fonts and the page weight of these fonts is only growing.

In this talk we’ll discuss why current implementations of @font-face are actually harmful to the performance and usability of the web. Hiding the fallback text while the font is loading means the content will be unreadable until the font loads. Some browsers have implemented a three-second timeout on font requests but performance surveys have found that many users abandon a site if it’s not usable in three seconds. Mixing high latency cellular networks and use of multiple fonts can mean disjointed repaints and reflows, which can cause serious damage to the fidelity of your content.

We’ll discuss small changes we can make to escape the pitfalls of default font loading and mitigate these drawbacks to make the web work better for everyone.


We’ll teach you everything we don’t know

Our shared backgrounds in improv comedy have taught us an important lesson: step forward even when you don’t know what you’re stepping into. We’ve created projects that have been reported on, laughed at, and shared around the world. But, if we knew what was needed to accomplish these when we began them, we likely never would have started them in the first place.

By following our instincts rather than instructions, we’ve been able to draw together unlikely collaborators and co-conspirators to get the undoable done. We’ll share some of what our projects have taught us as we hope to spread the great joys of not knowing.

16:20 Afternoon Break

Counting Stars: Creativity Over Predictability

Our industry has matured into something that’s very different from the almost joyfully naive, creative designer’s playground that it was when I started. While we focus our thoughts onto processes, methods and mechanics, instead of ideas, we’re losing the creative ‘soul’ of our work. I’m hopeful that all’s not lost and that we can make work that’s memorable if we focus as much on creativity as we do on implementation.

17:30 Closing Remarks
17:45 Typography Photowalk

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