Anna Debenham


Anna is a freelance front-end developer based in London. She was awarded Young Developer of the Year by Netmag in 2013. She's written a book on Front End Style Guides, and co-hosts a pocast with Brad Frost on Style Guides. When she's not playing on them, she's researching the browsers on game consoles.

Game console browsers

Wednesday, 21st – 10:00

With 19% of people in the UK accessing the internet using a game console, it’s time to look beyond desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. Browsing the internet on a game console presents us with new challenges, such as designing for the 10-foot UI, and building sites that could be interacted with using voice, gesture, a second-screen, or using a d-pad or a smart watch.

It may all sound a bit far-fetched, but considering how your site will be used by people using console browsers will not only benefit your current users, but also prepare you for the oncoming zombie-apocalypse of internet-enabled devices.

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