Andrew Tider & Jeff Greenspan


Andrew Tider is an artist, entrepreneur, and comedian. His work runs the gamut from a mobile app that delivers food to your stadium seat, to a line of plush toys inspired by different sexual fantasies. He currently teaches in a Masters Degree program at City College in NYC with a focus on Ethical Creativity and Communication.

Jeff Greenspan is the former Chief Creative Officer of BuzzFeed. He’s also held creative leadership positions at Facebook and BBDO NY. His personal projects, such as NYC’s Tourist Lanes and Hipster Traps, The World’s Most Exclusive Website, and Selfless Portraits, have received millions of views online and extensive worldwide press coverage.

As a freelance creative team, the two help brands create the most engaging ways to communicate with the world. They also work together on art projects that attempt to start meaningful discourse. Most recently, these include cementing a 4-foot statue of Edward Snowden onto a Revolutionary War memorial in a Brooklyn park, and becoming “freelance surveillance agents on behalf of the NSA” as part of

The duo will share some of what they’ve learned (from the rational to the ridiculous) as they’ve brought their self-initiated projects to life.

We’ll teach you everything we don’t know

Wednesday, 21st – 15:35

Our shared backgrounds in improv comedy have taught us an important lesson: step forward even when you don’t know what you’re stepping into. We’ve created projects that have been reported on, laughed at, and shared around the world. But, if we knew what was needed to accomplish these when we began them, we likely never would have started them in the first place.

By following our instincts rather than instructions, we’ve been able to draw together unlikely collaborators and co-conspirators to get the undoable done. We’ll share some of what our projects have taught us as we hope to spread the great joys of not knowing.

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