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Tuesday, 25th | Wednesday, 26th

08:00 Doors Open
9:00 Welcome!

To Hell For Type

Medium aims to bring world-class typography to readers and writers. However, what appears to be clean on the surface often meant creative, but awkward solutions underneath. Marcin will share some battle scars, talk heinous hacks he’ll go to hell for, and divulge stories including the curse of the medium Medium font, the 150-year typographical war with Chrome, and the origin story of Fontificator, the “Bloomberg terminal for fonts.”


Designing Meaningful Animation

Motion design has become a necessary skill for designing and building the modern web. The character and energy that motion brings to an interface is becoming as expected on the web as it is in other media. Great web animation comes from thinking like a motion designer and brand steward, matching the motion we add to our message and design goals.

Learn key animation principles such as timing, offsets, and secondary action as they apply to interface design decisions—plus motion principles specific to designing animated interactions. Consider this your crash course on becoming a motion design pro!

11:00 Morning Break

Designing for Display

Display design requires arresting attention, whether in a mobile feed or a street billboard. Demanding an audience’s attention in an age of distraction requires a design approach that isn’t expected or safe, but unpredictable and new.

This talk will cover multiple projects, ranging from brand identity to conceptual proposals, from literary analysis to experimental typography. Together, these projects present a method of re-introducing unpredictability in design.


The Small Things That Add Up: How to Find What Design Factors Influence Conversion Rates

How do you know what consumers expect from your site? Every shopper is different and every shopping visit is different. Industry stats tell only part of the story. You need to crack the hood and analyze your own real user data.

Tammy will outline how and why to gather real user data, extract action-oriented insights, create a better shopper experience, and improve business metrics.

13:10 Lunch Break

The Tail and Its Dog

Our current focus on components, design systems, pattern libraries, and frameworks has helped make design and development easier for us. It’s made it easier for us to make things consistent. It has also provided fertile ground for design sameness and boring websites. One part of art direction is focusing on the details. But another part, the part that should define the details, the part too often quietly kicked under the bed so people don't see it, is the big picture.

Stephen will talk about stepping back and looking at how all the small parts of your design can add up to a meaningful experience. That involves looking at how meaningful experience can lead to all the small parts of your design.


How Testers Can Be A Liability For Your Team

"You know, testers in a team can be a liability for the quality of your product.

How can you even say that? We hire testers to improve quality! Besides, aren't you a tester?

Yes, and because I know of this risk I can do a better job.

Alright, I'm intrigued... how?

There are three main perspectives to keep in mind when talking about quality: communication, ways of working and techniques. If you are being deliberate about them you can mitigate the risk that the tester poses. I've got lots examples of techniques for each perspective, let me show you a few.


By the way, did you know programmers can test their own code?

Now you're just being silly..."

16:20 Afternoon break

SVG in Motion

SVG has proven itself an essential tool in our design toolkits. And one of its most exciting features is the broad range of animation effects that can be achieved due to its nature and the ability to style and script the contents of the image with CSS and JavaScript. However, how and when you can animate an SVG depends on many factors, ranging from embedding techniques, to animation gotchas, among others. Even optimizing an SVG image which is almost always recommended, has a direct effect on the SVG code and therefore influences your animation capabilities.

In this talk, we will go over everything you need to know before and during your attempt to animate SVG images. We will look at the different embedding and animation techniques, gotchas and prerequisites, and take a quick glance of the future of SVG animation.



Web browsers have become so powerful that developers are now treating them as if they were a runtime environment as predictable as any other. But the truth is that we still need to deal with many unknown factors that torpedo our assumptions.

The web is where Postel’s Law meets Murphy’s Law, so we can’t treat web development as if it were just another flavor of software. Instead we must work with the grain of the web. There are tried and tested approaches to building for the web that will result in experiences that are robust, flexible, and resilient.

18:30 Closing remarks
20:00 Party at the Palau!

Technology is neither good nor bad: you are

Startups and the tech industry are the new community bearers. What does that mean for how programmers need to think, and what types of responsibilities come with that role? How can we build solid, long term solutions and build next generations of infrastructure in a responsible way? Peter Sunde will share his vision on the bigger picture and ways for tech entrepreneurs to create real value for society.

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