Marcin Wichary


Marcin Wichary is a designer and developer working at Medium in San Francisco. Prior to Medium, Marcin spent a year as a fellow at Code for America, helping with criminal justice technology and bringing urban design closer to people. He designed his first typeface in 1995 and he’s very glad he lost all the files in a subsequent hard drive crash, because boy, it didn’t look very good (his words, not ours).

To Hell For Type

Tuesday, 25th – 9:20

Medium aims to bring world-class typography to readers and writers. However, what appears to be clean on the surface often meant creative, but awkward solutions underneath. Marcin will share some battle scars, talk heinous hacks he’ll go to hell for, and divulge stories including the curse of the medium Medium font, the 150-year typographical war with Chrome, and the origin story of Fontificator, the “Bloomberg terminal for fonts.”

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