Sara Soueidan


Sara is a freelance front-end web developer from Lebanon — focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS3 and JavaScript. She loves writing and teaching and has combined both into writing articles and tutorials about front-end web development on her blog. She's a writer for various online magazines and for Codrops, where she is also an author and team member.

SVG in Motion

Tuesday, 25th – 16:50

SVG has proven itself an essential tool in our design toolkits. And one of its most exciting features is the broad range of animation effects that can be achieved due to its nature and the ability to style and script the contents of the image with CSS and JavaScript. However, how and when you can animate an SVG depends on many factors, ranging from embedding techniques, to animation gotchas, among others. Even optimizing an SVG image which is almost always recommended, has a direct effect on the SVG code and therefore influences your animation capabilities.

In this talk, we will go over everything you need to know before and during your attempt to animate SVG images. We will look at the different embedding and animation techniques, gotchas and prerequisites, and take a quick glance of the future of SVG animation.

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