Stephen Hay


Californian by birth and Dutchman by choice, Stephen is an art director, designer and writer. He designed and built his first website in 1995 while art directing for a design firm. He left print behind. The things that happened after that could turn a conference bio into a book—a thriller, even. Stephen is now Senior UX Design Lead at online auction house Catawiki.

Stephen wrote the book Responsive Design Workflow, which is all about content first, progressive enhancement, low-fi wireframing, and browser-based prototyping.

The Tail and Its Dog

Tuesday, 25th – 14:40

Our current focus on components, design systems, pattern libraries, and frameworks has helped make design and development easier for us. It’s made it easier for us to make things consistent. It has also provided fertile ground for design sameness and boring websites. One part of art direction is focusing on the details. But another part, the part that should define the details, the part too often quietly kicked under the bed so people don't see it, is the big picture.

Stephen will talk about stepping back and looking at how all the small parts of your design can add up to a meaningful experience. That involves looking at how meaningful experience can lead to all the small parts of your design.

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