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Tuesday, 17th | Wednesday, 18th

08:00 Doors Open
9:00 Welcome!

Let’s Work Together!

Nobody works alone in a vacuum, and successful work hinges on how well a team communicates and collaborates with each other. This talk will explore many methods, tools, and techniques teams use to produce great web experiences.

How do front-end development teams make sure they write clean and consistent code together? How do designers ensure colors, typography, and other design elements are used correctly? What deliverables should be created in an effective web design process? How are decisions communicated with the team, stakeholders, and the broader organization?

There are no “right” answers to these questions, but this talk will cover some important principles and helpful tactics to help your team make great work together.


Storytelling in the Age of JavaScript

Many of us are telling stories on the web- whether it be expressing concepts with data visualization, the story of how our product works, or simply writing good documentation. JavaScript is insanely powerful for gradually revealing information through animation, manipulating graphics with SVG, Canvas, and WebGL, or allowing users to guide themselves through interaction.

In this talk, we’ll explore how our minds work on the web and how JavaScript can reach to new heights of composing experiences that attach to our limbic system and captivate us. We’ll dive deep into some of the how’s about these type of implementations and create live demos that bring these concepts to life.

11:00 Morning Break

Teams, Cultures, And Design System Strategies

Every design system is unique. Your organisational structure, team culture, design approach, project, and even the physical space you’re in, will shape your system. In this talk I invite you to think beyond patterns and components, and look at the underlying structures and connections which make your design system what it is.


SVG: So Very Good

Icon fonts! CSS-only illustrations! High-resolution GIF animations! Today’s web designers still regularly and enthusiastically employ these techniques… yet they’re all a better fit for SVG, a powerful vector image format that’s already old enough to drive a car.

Join me for an impassioned and entertaining introduction to your new favorite image format: What it is, how it works, and why it’s so awesome.

Together we’ll cover:

  • The trouble with high-resolution imagery
  • The inventive hacks we’ve used to this point
  • How some of our pre-SVG techniques hurt users
  • SVG’s surprisingly long history
  • How SVG works
  • The possibilities of SVG beyond iconography
  • What the future holds for SVG
13:10 Lunch Break

Real Work/Life Balance in the Studio

After breaking away from agency life and having gone independent, Anton & Irene are treating their Brooklyn-based studio as their long-term passion-project. Now in its third year, they finally managed to find the perfect balance between working on client work (and getting paid!) and working on self-initiated projects (for free!).

They will share their experience on how to successfully have a good work/life balance while producing creative work for both.


🎉🐱✨or: How I didn’t fix emoji in Chrome

Last year, in the dark days of the web, Chrome couldn’t render emojis. Monica tried to fix it, failed, and has been obsessed with bringing unicode to the people ever since. Why do you sometimes get a square instead of a 🍕 if you type U+1F355?

How do skin coloured emoji work? How do you add a dinosaur emoji to the spec, which is decidedly lacking? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, this talk is for you.

16:20 Afternoon break

What’s Next? The Future of Mobile in Business

For 30 years, IT and personal and mobile computing have evolved to encompass and extend (and disrupt) the industries it touched – from telecommunications to entertainment, and now apparel. Will it continue to disrupt or will Moore’s Law stop its ascent? Horace Dediu discusses innovation and the future of mobile, and explores what the post-mobile world will look like as Apple, Google and others are shaping the mobile experience of the future. Other highlights from the conversation include:

  • Understanding the factors that drive adoption of disruptive innovations

  • Recognizing the next disruption from patterns of previous ones

  • How to resize scope of opportunity when the basis of competition changes

  • Other “white spaces” Horace sees that are ripe for disruptive innovation, including education industry and transportation


Evaluating Technology

We work with technology every day. And every day it seems like there's more and more technology to understand: graphic design tools, build tools, frameworks and libraries, not to mention new HTML, CSS and JavaScript features landing in browsers. How should we best choose which technologies to invest our time in? When we decide to weigh up the technology choices that confront us, what are the best criteria for doing that?

This talk will help you evaluate tools and technologies in a way that best benefits the people who use the websites that we are designing and developing. Let's take a look at some of the hottest new web technologies and together we will dig beneath the hype to find out whether they will really change life on the web for the better.

18:30 Closing remarks
20:00 Party at the Palau!

10 Things I Have Learned After Art School

Being a freelance creative is pretty much about making mistakes and learn from it… repeat, repeat, repeat. There are definitely mistakes each of us have to make, and there are also ones that others made for you so you don’t have to.

Among all the things I learned in 15 years, I narrowed them to 10 most important things to live by, and I would love to share that with you. And oh, because you probably don’t know what illustrators do, so I share a bit of that as well.


How To Start A User Experience Revolution

Are you frustrated that your management team doesn’t see the value of creating great user experiences? Do you struggle to convince colleagues to approach projects from a users perspective?

Many companies pay lip-service to providing a great experience. But few are willing to make the changes required to deliver on that promise. In fact most don’t even realise just how bad their experience can be.

It is time to change that. It is time to start a user experience revolution. In his talk, Paul Boag will layout a battle plan for transforming your organisation. He will show you that you don’t need to have power, position or influence to make a difference. It won’t be easy or quick, but you can start a revolution in your place of work. A revolution that will help to reshape the company into one capable of offering outstanding service. All you need is some determination and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

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