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Marcy Sutton is a web developer working on accessibility tools at Deque (DQ) Systems, a company focused on digital equality. Marcy is passionate about making the web accessible for everyone and loves applying her skills and personal values on the aXe-core project, speaking at conferences around the world, and producing accessibility screencasts for Her blog, Accessibility Wins, highlights accessible user interfaces and tools, contributing a positive voice to the web development space. When away from the keyboard, Marcy can usually be found hiking, riding a bicycle, or snowboarding.

Automating Peace Of Mind With Accessibility Testing And Continuous Integration

Wednesday, 18th – 12:10

Accessibility test coverage and continuous integration (CI) go hand in hand. Automated tests can catch roughly 30–50% of accessibility issues with minimal effort, depending on the rule set. Running tests automatically with a CI server can also programmatically prevent accessibility regressions from making it to production—a huge benefit for high-risk deployments and large teams.

Marcy Sutton discusses open source web development tools and testing practices that can help your team develop a pragmatic and sustainable approach to software, benefiting many people with disabilities. From creating accessible UIs and writing integration tests to automating with Jenkins or Travis, there are many opportunities to write resilient software. Marcy shares practical tips for integrating accessibility into your workflow and the gotchas she learned from getting into CI, hopefully saving you some time while illustrating that you can write code that works for everyone.

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