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CSS Courses

Our online courses on CSS, which generally take up a few half days, give you the same experience and access to experts that you would have in an in-person CSS workshop.

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With our online CSS courses however, you can do it from your own desk or couch, and can do it either live (real-time) or watch the video course at your own leisure, as all video recordings are included.

Practical and interactive courses

Our online courses have a lot of practical examples and interactive exercises. If you are watching live, you can ask questions during Q&A, and of course you can use the online course recordings and materials to study CSS at your own pace, at your own time.

Courses on various CSS topics

We offer many online CSS courses at various levels, covering a wide range of CSS topics, such as Dynamic CSS, CSS Grid, CSS for Design Systems and many more. Please check our upcoming (live) courses, and see what CSS courses we have offered in the past, if be notified of new live offerings.

SmashingConf Online Workshops

Blown away by all the knowledge I've soaked in from @rachelandrew's online CSS layout masterclass. Incredible how much you can learn about a thing you thought you already knew just by hearing it explained again. Thanks for organising this @smashingconf #smashingconf ✨

  • Amit Sheen
    On the web
    On Twitter

    Pushing CSS to The Limit

    with Amit Sheen

    Workshop, 4×2h + Q&A Wed & Thu, May 25 – June 2 2022
    09:00 – 11:30 AM PT 18:00 – 20:30 CET Check your time zone ⏰

    Let’s take a deep dive into the world of perspective and movement, and open ourselves to a new dimension (literally) of CSS. This is a fully ‘Hands-on’ workshop, where we learn how to harness the power of CSS to add depth to our elements and spice up our designs with animated 3D buttons, menus, info cards, interactions, text and titles, and more…

    This comprehensive workshop covers everything from the very basic concepts, to complex moving structures, step by step, with detailed breakdowns for each major topic, great sample projects, and tons of live coding.

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  • Stephanie Eckles
    On the web
    On Twitter

    Level-Up With Modern CSS

    with Stephanie Eckles

    Workshop, 5×2h + Q&A Mon & Tue, July 11–25 2022
    09:00 – 11:30 AM PT 18:00 – 20:30 CET Check your time zone

    Modern CSS has increased and improved the available CSS properties and layout behaviors, with modern browsers nearly in-sync for critical feature support. But — if you haven’t looked into CSS in a while, or have typically relied on frameworks to do the heavy lifting, it can seem overwhelming to figure out how to level-up your CSS skills!

    Throughout this workshop, we’ll create our own CSS framework in order to learn about what modern CSS has to offer us.

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