Smashing Conference


There is this common saying:"Give credit where credit is due!". We know how much work, energy and love goes into crafting amazing products – be it photography, fonts, icons or an entire design for a web site. Whenever we use assets, we always give their creators credit for it.


This site is made with a lot of ♥. The original design for the SmashingConf Website came from Marc Thiele. Our in-house designer Ricardo Gimenes built upon this design in the last two years. He delivers his composition to our front end developer Marco. The Smashing Conference website uses and loves Kirby by Bastian Allgeier.


  • All photos on the locations-page are ownership of the corresponding venue or hotel.


Graphics and Icons

  • Social Media Icons in the footer were originally designed by Gedy Rivera and refined by Marco.

Anything else?

We missed something or gave wrong credit? Then please, tell us and we will fix everything right away. Thanks!

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