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Christopher Murphy


Christopher Murphy is a writer, designer and educator, described by Creative Review as, “A William Morris for the digital age.” He is also the organiser of @breakconf and publisher of @getglyph. Informing his role as an educator, Murphy is a practicing designer whose work spans a variety of media, both analogue and digital.

It’s About Time

Monday, 15th – 17:40

Our industry offers tremendous potential. With the tools at our disposal we can create incredible things, and yet, we often find ourselves distracted by an ever-present tsunami of diversions.

Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble… All have considerable benefits, but all – if we’re not too careful – have the power to absorb our every waking moment at the expense of creating more meaningful work. It’s time to focus on what really matters. It's time use our time wisely and to the fullest extent.

In this talk, heavily drawing on personal experience, Christopher Murphy sounds a clarion call to make every moment count.

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