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Gerry Leonidas


Gerry @gerryleonidas is an Associate Professor in Typography at the University of Reading. He is a type designer of Greek and Latin typefaces, a regular consultant on type design and a frequent author of books on type design like Never lost for words and Ten aspects in typeface design.

Typefaces for screens: what matters, what not, and where typography makes all the difference

Tuesday, 16th – 11:45

Typefaces for screens may go back to the very first days of personal computing, but a meaningful choice of typefaces for screen designers is still in its early stages. The rapid progression from a few system fonts to a glut of webfonts did not come with a manual for why some typefaces work better than others, or how to distinguish between functionality and fad. There's a small but growing number of how-to guides, but little in the way of explanations.

Gerry will outline a few notions to keep in mind when looking at typefaces, explain the popularity of some webfonts, and make a connection to the texts these typefaces are used to typeset. Towards the end of the talk he'll mention the impact of globalisation on typefaces for the web, and what this means for designers.

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