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Josh Emerson


Josh started down the road to professional Web design in 1996, when he was 10 years old. Formerly working at Clearleft, he's worked on a variety of projects at zeebox that specialises in creating responsive websites.

Responsive Games: What it takes to make in-browser games that work on any device

Monday, 15th – 11:45

How do we design games to work on every device, and what effect does this have upon the gaming experience? In this talk, Josh Emerson will look at what it takes to make in-browser games which will work on everything from your iPhone, to your laptop, and even your games console.

Looking at his own experience of making games in the browser, Josh will highlight some of the pitfalls of making highly interactive experiences work across many devices, and how to overcome these challenges. He will also look at best practices from the web in general, and how they translate to making games.

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