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Josh Payton


Josh Payton is Huge’s global VP of User Experience, working on rapid prototyping of concepts, ecosystems, and interfaces. Josh has worked for such clients as Turkish Airlines, Lowe’s, Four Seasons, Amex, Disney and many more in Huge's Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London offices. During his decade-plus of interactive design experience, Josh has acted as the User Experience Design Lead for the home and storefront pages at and as a Senior Designer for Microsoft, Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive and Yahoo! News.

Big, Not Bad: Designing for Scale with Finesse.

Tuesday, 16th – 16:00

Crafting a great user experience at scale is one of the hardest challenges in the field of design. When you're creating a product to serve millions of people, tradeoffs in usability, accessibility and technology often dilute the functionality that is easier to achieve when you're designing specific products for small, targeted audiences.

In this presentation, we'll talk about the approach that Huge has evolved to create great experiences at scale. Josh will discuss how this process works when you're designing for millions of people across multiple countries. He will illustrate how seemingly similar processes can lead to very different conclusions and end products -- and why each and every step along the way is crucial to success during the design process. Josh will share detailed case studies on the launches of TED and Eurosport, exploring the unique challenges associated with each launch and the strategic solutions to meet these challenges.

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