Smashing Conference

Kevin M. Hoffman


Kevin @kevinmhoffman is an information designer for more than 15 years and the founder of Seven Heads Design. In his carrer, he was Director of User Experience Design at Happy Cog, and Leader of Web Communications Strategy at the University of Baltimore. He also worked with clients like Harvard University, Nintendo, MTV, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. You find some of his works at

Co-Design Not Redesign

Monday, 15th – 16:45

Sure, we don't like sitting in meetings. They can be ragged speed bumps in our process; necessary evils used to secure agreement without incurring excessive tire damage. But by treating face-to-face collaboration as a design problem, that time together can become a tool more effective than any design, code, or content work you undertake alone.

Kevin will show you a selection of simple ideas and approaches that structure collaboration time, get actionable results, and help course correct when meetings aren’t hitting the targets that they should, even if you aren’t in charge. You’ll facilitate agreement faster in content discussions, manage feedback better, and explore problems in productive, inspiring multi-hour workshops. You'll leave with skills and approaches that empower teams to conceive of (and build) better approaches to getting things done.

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