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Matt Andrews


Matt Andrews is a front-end engineer who works for the Financial Times and is involved in the development of FT Web App and The Economist HTML5 App. Usually he develops apps that aren't apps.

Long Life Web Pages: Our Battle Against The Browser

Tuesday, 16th – 14:45

Matt is going to tell a story of battling today’s web technologies to build high performance applications that run for weeks on the same page.

HTML5 features like AppCache, web storage and the History API have slowly eroded the need to navigate to a new page, or to even be connected to the internet, and with that evolution our web applications have become more complex and run for ever longer periods of time.

Without the safety net of starting fresh every time the user hits a link, memory management, data consistency, encapsulation and ensuring backwards compatibility (things software engineers have been doing for decades) now become important. Front end developers are suddenly fully fledged software engineers! The web page is our app platform, and the browser our runtime.

Step with Matt into a world of good hacks and great performance, smart multivariate responsiveness, and web apps that deserve far more than the lowly title of ‘page’.

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