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Phil Coffman


Phil Coffman is a digital designer living in Austin, TX. He is currently leading the product design efforts of a new and powerful Web publishing platform. Phil is also Creative Director of Element, and the founder of Method & Craft.

Be All In Without Checking Out

Tuesday, 16th – 09:50

As creators, makers, and entrepreneurs we want to pour our efforts into projects we value. We want what we produce to have an impact, for our audience to benefit, and find personal satisfaction in our labors. Pursuing excellence in what we do is a worthy goal, but how do you do that and maintain a work/life balance? What's a healthy amount of sacrifice? How do we find contentment in the rat race and non-stop evolution of our industry? I will share my perspective on these questions through decisions I've made, failures, successes and personal experiences from my 14 year career as a professional designer and, just as importantly, my 36 year journey as a human.

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