Smashing Conference

Yesenia Perez-Cruz


Yesenia is a designer based out of Philadelphia, PA. She has created beautiful, functional design systems for clients like MTV, Zappos, and Iron Chef Jose Garces. She currently works at Intuitive Company, where her role spans design strategy, user experience, and graphic design. Previously, she was a Senior Designer at Happy Cog in Philadelphia.

Design Decisions Through The Lens Of a Performance Budget

Monday, 15th – 9:50

We design sites for a myriad of devices with varying connection speeds. More and more, we’re discovering the importance of fast page speed. Even 100 millisecond delays in load times negatively impact user experience and conversions.

The problem is, making a site fast and lightweight is often at odds with other design goals—like creating visually immersive experiences or meeting all of an organization’s rich-media ad requirements. While a stripped-down site with no images, set entirely in Arial, is certainly going to be light, it’s not going to accomplish all of our client’s business goals.

In this talk, Yesenia will discuss how we can make smarter design decisions, from the beginning of a project, to ensure that our sites perform well. Some topics she’ll discuss are optimizing typography and UI, responsive images, and how to get clients on board.

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