Alla Kholmatova


Alla is an interaction designer at an open education startup, FutureLearn. She's interested in how design relates to other disciplines, including linguistics, psychology, and architecture. Alla is an occasional contributor to design publications, such as A List Apart, and an owner of several vintage robots.

Modular design at work

Monday, 14th – 10:00

As many of us move away from designing pages toward designing systems, one concept keeps coming up: modularity. The benefits of a modular approach are well covered, but what about the risks and the logistics of implementing it?

Modularity might appear to be a simple concept at first, but making it work for your team requires significant effort and commitment. In this session Alla will look at how modular design affects both our teams and our users, as well as the products we create. She’ll share some of the challenges her team’s gone through while transitioning their design process toward modularity, and the lessons they’ve learned on the way.

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