Eric Portis


Eric Portis hails from sunny Denver, Colorado. He peddles prints by day and fiddles with photography and the web by night. Lately he’s been been writing a fortnightly newsletter for the Responsive Issues Community Group. He drinks a lot of tea and he’s @etportis on Twitter.

A Techy Stretchy Image Scrimmage

Tuesday, 15th – 11:45

Responsive layouts squish and stretch, tailoring themselves to the browsing context at hand. But images — which account for nearly two-thirds of the weight of the web — have been stuck in the fixed-layout past. Their solitary src has forced developers to optimize images around a particular context.

Until now! New, native responsive image functionality lets authors mark up multiple, alternate image sources. This markup paves the way for enormous performance gains by giving images the ability to adapt to meet users’ needs.

In this talk, we’ll kick the new markup’s tires and take it for a spin. We’ll get acquainted with how it works, how it doesn’t, and the new possibilities that it brings. Buckle up!

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