Geri Coady


Geri Coady is a designer, illustrator and photographer working in St. John's, Newfoundland. Her interests span illustration, web design, graphic design, photography, typography, and printing. A contributor to famous publications such as .net and 24ways, Geri also publishes challenging articles and thoughts on her own blog. When she's not speaking on stage, Geri can often be found curing her addiction to conferences from the comfort of the audience.

Don't Believe Your Eyes! How to Design for Colour-Blindness

Tuesday, 15th – 14:00

We often take colour for granted when choosing palettes for our designs, assuming the appearance will be the same for everyone.

In reality, the choices that look good to people with good colour vision could cause serious usability problems for people affected by various forms of colour-blindness; a type of disability that affects the perception of colour and occurs in a surprisingly large percentage of the population.

If you're a web designer, app designer, or game designer, this talk is for you! Geri will teach you how to create designs that are accessible to people with colour-blindness without sacrificing aesthetics.

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