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Guy Podjarny (Guypo) the founder of, building Web Security tools for developers. Guy was previously CTO at Akamai and CTO/Founder of Guy’s research & writing focuses on Web Security and Performance, often running large tests to reach data-driven conclusions.

Guy is a frequent conference speaker, writes at and on Medium, the author of “Responsive & Fast” (by O'Reilly) and the creator of Mobitest.

Using HTTPS: Why, What and How

Monday, 14th – 11:50

When users use our sites, they put their faith in us. They trust we will keep their information from reaching others, believe we provided the information they see, and allow us to run (web) code on their devices. Using HTTPS to secure our conversations is a key part of maintaining this trust.

If that’s not motivation enough, the web’s giants are actively promoting HTTPS, requiring it for features such as HTTP2 & ServiceWorker, using it for search engine ranking and more. To make the most of the web, you need to use HTTPS.

In this session, we’ll review what HTTPS is, discuss why you should prioritize using it, and cover some of the easiest (and most cost effective) steps to get started using HTTPS.

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