Heydon Pickering


Heydon has a love/hate relationship with CSS and a lust/indifference relationship with javascript. He prototypes and programs accessible interfaces at Neontribe, and wrote the book Apps For All. He's also Accessibility editor at Smashing and makes fonts.

Paper Prototyping Applications

Monday, 14th – 16:45

Designing for the web is not like designing for paper. For one thing, paper-based designs tend to stay the same shape and size. Also the content doesn't obstinately change on you. In fact, very little learned in print design is applicable to the web.

Paradoxically, one of the best ways to embrace the dynamic, interactive nature of web applications is to start working with paper again. Paper not for printing or sketching, but for building functional, interactive prototypes; prototypes that do away with distracting high fidelity and embrace the messy process of creating fun user experiences.

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