Patrick Lauke


Patrick H. Lauke works as Accessibility Consultant for The Paciello Group. In a previous life he was a Web Evangelist in the Developer Relations team at Opera. He's been involved in the discourse around Web Standards and Accessibility since 2001, actively speaking at conferences and
participating in early initiatives such as the Web Standards Project (WaSP).

Recently, Patrick has been obsessing about touch, pointer events and multi-input devices and is a member of the W3C Pointer Events Working Group and W3C Touch Events Community Group.

Getting touchy: An Introduction To Touch and Pointer Events

Monday, 14th – 11:05

Beyond smartphones and tablets, touch screens are finding their way into laptops and even desktop computers. With hardware support for touch becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it's time to explore what new possibilities are available to developers.

This session will cover the basics of handling touch in JavaScript — from making sure simple single-tap interactions are as responsive as possible, all the way to examples of full multitouch, gesture-enabled elements, with a particular focus on common pitfalls and browser inconsistencies.

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