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Benjamin Hersh

Benjamin Hersh

Ben Hersh designs to make the world a more thoughtful and creative place. He is currently a product designer at Dropbox and previously led design for a team at Medium. Ben came to design by way of visual art and cognitive science research at Stanford.

Benjamin Hersh's Talk

Every Product Has A Voice

Mon, 9th – 16:50

When you read the words scattered over an app or website, you experience them as if spoken. This voice is every bit as real as color or motion on a digital screen — it’s an illusion, and it’s there for you to design. Words are often the most important design element in a product, but designers rarely handle them with the same care or conviction that we have for visual patterns. We can do better.

I will share simple guiding principles to help you design better with words. I find lessons and inspiration in neuroscience, fairy tales, and examples from across the web.