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Joe Leech

Joe Leech

Joe is the author of the book Psychology of Designers. A recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as a elementary school teacher, Joe started his UX career 15 years ago. He has worked with organisations like MoMA NYC, Raspberry Pi, Disney, eBay and Marriott.

Joe is also Series Editor of Aspects of UX, a series of books on UX from

Past Workshops

Joe Leech's Talk

Designing Powerful User Experiences With Psychology

Mon, 9th – 9:50

What do an overnight 40% drop in road accidents, a night in on the couch watching TV and a good night’s sleep have to do with digital product design?

Humans only have limited mental capacity and no-one is ever operating at 100%. We are all influenced by the world around us and by how our minds work. As designers we need to be able to understand this and design for it.

To help you understand how psychology can transform your designs, we’ll look at:

  • The micro: Psychology to optimize Interaction Design. How psychology can help design the perfect search UI and how to apply to psychology to design bullet-proof UIs.
  • The macro: Psychology to transform the User Experience. How to use psychology to create innovative user experiences and transform digital product design

After the talk, you’ll be able to:

  • Design product, app and website UIs that match how people think and behave.
  • Apply a framework to design innovative digital products.
  • Make better, informed design decisions and advocate to the wider team using psychology theory.

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