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Philip Walton

Philip Walton

Philip Walton is an engineer at Google working on Chrome and the Web Platform. Recently, his focus has been on Service Worker tooling, where he leads the team that builds Workbox.

Philip has been doing web development professionally for almost 15 years, on both large and small teams. He likes to write and speak about new web technologies, and he's authored and contributed to numerous open source libraries and tools that help developers use the best parts of the web today.

Philip Walton's Talk

Service Workers for the Rest of Us

Tue, 10th – 12:25

There are a lot of articles and tutorials on the web about Service Worker, but unfortunately most of them focus solely on JavaScript applications, and how to use build tools to turn those applications into PWAs. But what about traditional websites, content sites, or other sites that don't have monstrous build pipelines? Should they use service worker too?

In this talk, I'll give a brief introduction to service worker, talk about my workflow, and show how I use service worker to improve reliability and load performance for web "sites".