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Uri Shaked

Uri Shaked

Uri Shaked is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. He loves combining his passion for the web with his love for hardware electronics and robotics in challenging and amusing IoT projects, which he shares with the world in his blog, as well as travelling around the world and speaking in conferences and meetup. Among his interests are reverse engineering, hardware hacking, neuroscience, playing music and Salsa dancing.

Uri Shaked's Talk

The Anatomy Of A Click

Mon, 9th – 12:05

Have you ever wondered how many things actually happen when you click a button on a webpage? In just a split of a second, an amazing amount of things are happening: an electric circuit is closed, a USB packet is sent, an interrupt handler fires in the OS, which then dispatches the event to the browser's event loop, which eventually executes some JavaScript code. And this is just a small part of the whole story.

Have you ever looked into the source code of Chromium? Linux? What about the internals of a TCP/IP packet? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show of two curious web developers who are enchanted by the complex world that awaits behind the scenes of the front end!