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Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley is a Latinx designer. He is the co-founder and CEO at Bueno, Blush & Musho, and the creator of Humankind, and Robotos. Previously, lead designer at InVision, Udemy, and Lyft. He gives talks and workshops worldwide on product design, animation, illustration systems, storytelling, accessibility, behavioral economics, and the art of comics.

He has a channel called Sketch Together, where he shares design tutorials, live streams, critiques, and other random stuff. Is also producing a kids animated show with TIME Studios, and his open-source doodles include Open Peeps, Avataaars, Humaaans, Open Doodles, Bottts, and Buttsss.

Currently, Pablo is the designer and creator at Musho, an AI design tool transforming prompts into nearly-complete, dev-ready websites with simple layouts, great copy, and stunning images.

Pablo Stanley's Talk

Creating Illustration Libraries

Monday, 7th – 14:35

Illustrations are emerging as a vital part of the user experience of a product. They help tell your brand story, and communicate your values and brand personality. How do you create a successful illustration system, shaping a strong visual identity? How do you decide on a core set of principles?

Join us to discuss the process of creating illustration libraries as a design system. Pablo will walk us through a brief history of illustration and comics in a designer's creative journey and a look at how his art has been applied in different products.

In the end, we'll do a quick demo of an illustration library being created live to show the creation process.